Template:Infobox Company Zuda Comics is DC Comics' webcomics division. The creation of this division was announced in press release on July 9, 2007[1] and the first line-up went live October 30.[2]


Zuda has competitions that are open for comic creators to submit their own eight page comics, each month ten are selected to compete. Users can vote for their favorite and the winner receives a contract to continue their comic on Zuda with 52 more pages. When the contract is filled, if the comic is liked enough it can be renewed for an additional "season". Occasionally an "instant winner" is chosen to receive a contract without having to compete. In July 2008 an "invitational" was held where some well liked comics that had not won were invited to back to compete with an additional eight pages.

Editorial boardEdit

The Zuda editorial board consists of:


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Instant winnersEdit

There are currently eight instant winners:

Competition winnersEdit

There are currently twenty contest winners:


Jeremy Love's Bayou was the first Zuda Comic to be printed in June 2009. High Moon was printed in September of 2009.


Although greeted with interest by the webcomics community, concern arose over contracts and copyrights. The initial announced line-up of talent included no prominent webcomics creators, prompting Todd Allen at Comic Book Resources to opine, "[T]he vast majority of the creators here have already done print comics. Multiple print comics for the most part, and the majority go back a few years. ... This does not look like ushering in a new generation". He conceded, however, "that they’ve lined up some strips with professional pedigree for the first batch".[11]


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