The Night Owls
Author(s) Peter and Bobby Timony
Current status / schedule Twice Weekly. Every Tuesday and Thursday
Launch date 2007-12-13
Publisher(s) Zuda Comics
Genre(s) Historical, Comedy, Horror

The Night Owls is a twice weekly webcomic by Peter and Bobby Timony appearing every Tuesday and Thursday on DC Comics Zuda imprint. It was selected as Zuda's Instant Winner in December 2007.[1]

Set in 1920's New York, the strip follows the adventures of a group of Detectives who solve supernatural crimes. [2] The strip alternates between single gags and longer story arcs, though each episode is designed to stand on its own. Although it often deals with bizarre and disturbing themes, the strip maintains a light-hearted tone that is generally suited for all ages. Each strip is usually six to eight panels long, has an art deco banner across the top and is colored in warm sepia hues.

Cast of CharactersEdit

Professor Ernest Baxter A bookwormish and kind of shy fellow who uses his vast knowledge of the supernatural world to try to help people.

Mindy Markus A feisty flapper with a modern "liberated" outlook on life. She is not afraid to get into a scrap with the forces of evil.

Roscoe the Gargoyle A gargoyle from Coney Island with an insatiable appetite. He provides additional comic relief with his flippant and lighthearted approach to things.

Detective Bill McRory An honest cop who occasionally seeks help from the Night Owls on cases involving the supernatural.

Mr. You A faceless man who steals the faces of others.

Mable the Gargoyle Roscoe's sister who, when first introduced, looks inexplicably like a gorgeous blonde human.

Filthy the Rat The Professor's underworld informant. Filthy is a rat who is a Were-Human. By the light of the full moon, he turns into a tiny human.

Helaku An Apache girl who met Professor Baxter when he was younger. Baxter helped the tribe defeat a giant monster named Big Owl.

Ikshu Helaku's older brother. He went to prison for bootlegging where he met Mr. You, who stole his face and escaped.


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