This is a complete and up to date list of every creative team that has competed in Zuda, DC Comic's web comic imprint, thus far.

Instant WinnersEdit

There are currently eight instant winners:

2007 CompetitionsEdit

November 2007Edit

The first set of contestants was announced on Newsarama:[3]

  1. High Moon by David Gallaher, Steve Ellis and Scott Brown
  2. Battlefield Babysitter[8][9] by Matthew Humphreys
  3. Dead in the Now[10][11] by Corey Lewis
  4. Leprenomicon[12] by Greg DelCurla, Fernando Ruiz and Matthew Petz
  5. Alpha Monkey[13] by Bobbie Rubio, Howard M. Shum, Matteo Scalera and Oscar Celestini
  6. The Dead Seas[14] by Pop Mhan
  7. This American Strife[15] by J. Longo
  8. Raining Cats and Dogs[16] by Sho Murase and Carlos Jose Guzman
  9. Black Swan[17] by Mulele Jarvis
  10. The Enders[18] by Tim Smith III

December 2007Edit

  1. Pray for Death[19] by Nicholas Doan and Daniele Serra
  2. The Crooked Man[20] by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Sara Bechko
  3. The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman[21] by Rory McConville, Nacho Fernandez and Allen Freeman
  4. Avast Ye[22] by Kevin Cygan and Daniel H. Irving
  5. Frankie[23] by Manny Trembley
  6. Araknid Kid[24][25] by Josh Alves
  7. Development Hell[26] by Carlos Ruiz
  8. Adventures of Maxy J Millionaire[27][28] by Paul Maybury
  9. Word of Power[29] by Marc Sylvanus (Marc Dell'Angelo)
  10. Ponbiki Z[30] by Alberto Rios

2008 CompetitionsEdit

January 2008Edit

As announced on Newsarama[4]

  1. SuperTron[31] by Sheldon Vella
  2. Demons in the Closet[32] by John Zakour (writer) and Amy Watson (artist)
  3. Pieces of Eden[33] by Seth Sherwood (writer/colorist) and Diego Tripodi[34] (artist)
  4. The Legend of the Fool King[35] by Alexander Kanaris-Sotiriou
  5. Untrue Tales[36][37] by Sam Little
  6. Danetropolis[38][39] by David Daneman
  7. Urbis Faerie[40][41] by Robert Burke Richardson, Martin Morazzo, Carolina Cesare, Robt Snyder
  8. A Spelunker’s Guide to the City[42] by Gary Epting[5]
  9. Thomas: Agent of Chaos[43][44] by L. Jamal Walton (writer/letterer), Mike Imboden (writer) and Steve Musgrave (artist)
  10. Absurdity At Its Best[45] by Victor Bonilla

February 2008Edit

As announced on Newsarama[6]

  1. Road[46] by Eddie Sharam and Jamie Woodhead
  2. Joe Comics[47] by Gabe Hernandez and Chachi Hernandez
  3. Starfish by Miguel Angel Sanchez
  4. Teachers[48][49] by Gabe Ostley
  5. Strangle/Switch[50] by Kevin Colden
  6. Will Wrestle: For Science[51] by Jim Dedieu, Geoff Beaulieu, Alex Donnard, and Antonio Fernandez
  7. Everyone Laughs at the Crocodile Man[52][53] by Steve Steiner
  8. Reno[54] by Dan Thompson
  9. The Passenger[55] by Alexandre Vidal
  10. Mountains of Dusk[56] by Manoel Magalhaes Moreira and Osmarco Valladão

March 2008Edit

As announced on Newsarama[7]

  1. The Black Cherry Bombshells by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Sacha Borisich, Alex Bruno, John Dallaire, and Jason Hanley
  2. The Litterbox Chronicles[57] by Wes Molebash
  3. Laura’s Bazaar[58] by Axel Medellin
  4. Sam & Lilah[59][60] by Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park
  5. Among the Silver Stars[61][62] by Chris Wichtendahl and Ariel Iacci
  6. Tiempo[63] by Mario Espinoza
  7. Yuletide[64] by Tony Tobin
  8. Day of Prey[65] by Ramon Cavalcante
  9. Little Inventor[66] by Igor Noronha
  10. Rojo Fernandez: Son of Wind[67] by Gabriel Bautista

April 2008Edit

  1. Melody[68] by Ilias Kyriazis
  2. Re-Evolution[69] by Gustavo Higuera, Juan Salcedo, Kwang Young Hyun and Jessica Peña
  3. The Erebus Effect[70] by Henry Espiritu and Ravuth Vann
  4. Super Seed[71][72] by Tyler James Vogel
  5. Punchboys[73] by Ahmad Rashad Doucet
  6. Brave Ulysses[74] by Adam C. Moore
  7. Streetpunx[75] by Leon Govender
  8. Feuerkind[76] by Steven Michael Robert Wilbur
  9. Suckerpunch[77] by Russel Paul Daff
  10. Agent Happydeath[78] by Spencer Platt

May 2008Edit

  1. Celadore[79] by Caanan Grall
  2. Action, Ohio[80] by Neil Kleid and Paul Salvi
  3. E[81] by Kerry P. Talbott
  4. Hannibal Goes to Rome[82][83] by Brendan McGinley[84] and Mauro Vargas
  5. Children of Bighand[85] by Rudy Dean Guara
  6. Golden[86] by Troy Bowen and Scott McIntire
  7. Captain Luck[87][88] by Dan Davis
  8. The Mean Model[89] by Charlie Podrebarac
  9. Robodeath[90] by Marco Della Verde, Stefano Cardoselli and Bill Key of Azurek Studios
  10. Colonel McTaggart[91] by Steve Steiner

June 2008Edit

  1. Dual by Michael Walton
  2. Cursed Planet[92] by Ricardo González Llarena, Milton Sobreiro and Felipe Sobreiro
  3. Sam 3.14, PI[93] by John Zakour and Scott Roberts
  4. Love, Lust, and a Giant Turtle[94] by William Neal Holman and Chad Hurd
  5. Mister Crimson[95][96] by Seth M. Sherwood and Diego Tripodi
  6. Psychopath: A Love Story[97] by Matthew Petz
  7. Mime[98] by Manny Trembley and Eric Anderson
  8. S. Type[99] by Alexander Diochon
  9. Red Ice[100] by Scott O. Brown and Andrew Elder
  10. Sharks+Shrinks[101] by Gary Epting

July 2008: Zuda InvitationalEdit

  1. Re-Evolution by Gustavo Higuera, Juan Felipe Salcedo, Kwang young Hyun, and Jessica Peña
  2. The Mundane Overrated Misadventures of Spudman by Rory McConville, Nacho Fernandez, and Allen Freeman
  3. Dead in the Now by Corey Lewis
  4. Joe Comics by Gabe Hernandez and Chachi Hernandez
  5. The Crooked Man by Gabriel Hardman and Corinna Sara Bechko
  6. Araknid Kid[102] by Josh Alves
  7. Brave Ulysses by Adam C. Moore
  8. Teachers by Gabriel Mark Ostley[103]
  9. Untrue Tales by Sam Little
  10. Reno by Daniel J. Thompson

August 2008Edit

  1. Gulch by Matt White and Gabe White
  2. Vic Boone by Shawn Aldridge, Jeff Winstead, and Rachel Winstead
  3. Shock Effect by John Lang and Ian Daffern
  4. The Harvest War by Kevin Manklow and Andrew Egan
  5. Junk by Justin Jordan and Sami Makkonen
  6. Furiku Buredu by Jim Dedieu, Stephane Sallais, and Fred Grivaud
  7. The Stuffed Animal Sagas by Thomas Kelley
  8. To The Red Country by Philip Willey
  9. The Adventures of Rocki Gilbraltar by Brendon Fraim and Brian Fraim
  10. Rhandom Escape by Matthew Daniel Loux

September 2008Edit

  1. Blood Hunter by Loren Meyer
  2. Dash Steel: Freelance Adventurer by Justin Peniston and William Orr
  3. Unconscious Life by Anthony Peruzzo
  4. Middle-Aged Monster by Steve Steiner
  5. Problems by Alexander Drummond Diochon
  6. My Daddy's a Super-Villain by Scott O. Brown and Jamie Roberts
  7. Janggar: Son of the Steppe by Steven Bialik
  8. The Fighting Stranger by Adam J. Monetta and Juan Romera
  9. My Pet Human by Harry Pujols
  10. Hopeless Youth by Jesse Aaron Hanna and Renzo Podesta

October 2008Edit

Guest judges: Bobby Timony and Peter Timony

  1. Azure by Daniel Govar
  2. Mathema by Amy Pearson
  3. Hammer Sound by Evan Bryce Cranston, Doug Wagner, and Vinh-Luan Luu
  4. World of Chi: Chronicles by Lewis Walker, Kirsi Salonen, and Daren Strange
  5. Terrestrial by Bryan W Swartz
  6. Alone by Nathan Furman
  7. Azurius Pluma by Gabriel Bautista Jr.
  8. Skullgoyle by Dan Taylor, Daniel Tollin, & Stephen Lindsay
  9. Ladybug Murders by Paul Salvi
  10. Path Nine by Dan Pevar and Al Via

November 2008Edit

  1. Extracuricular Activities by Rory McConville, Federico Zumel, Juan Castro, Del Borovic, Ray Dillon, and Cary Kelley
  2. Screaming Eagles by Michael San Giacomo, Alessandro Bragalini, and Kurt Hathaway
  3. Rumors of War by Justin Jordan and John Bivens
  4. Hijos de P by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  5. Planet X by Trey Causey, Chaz Truog, Blake Wilkie, and Jim Shelley
  6. Blood Covenant: Revelations by Lucky Herman Tjandra
  7. Baby Monsters by Steve Broome
  8. Daily Comic by Chuck Harrison
  9. Marshall by Andres Barrero and Felipe Martinez
  10. Work is Not in Progress by Diego Borriello

December 2008Edit

  1. Aeon of the Dead (now Devil's Wake) by Dean Hsieh
  2. The Accountants by Rob Osbourne
  3. Bleed by Adam Atherton and Luiza Dragonescu
  4. Hellbreak by Radek Smektala and Janusz Ordon
  5. Tri-Boro Tales by Keith Miller and Chuck Collins
  6. A Single Soul by Nancy Leslie and Nathan Furman
  7. Angus Frump Kills Christmas by Steve Bialik
  8. Non-Exertus 12 by Spencer Platt and Dave Anders
  9. Caztar by Luc Poets
  10. Juliette: Worst Vampire Ever by Cedric Poulat

2009 CompetitionsEdit

January 2009Edit

  1. Safe Inside by Michele Rech
  2. We Make Clouds by Michael Farah, J. Longo, and Johnny Storm
  3. Lasers Dragons and Lies by John Zakour and John Dallaire
  4. Lifespan by Shannon Cronin and Christopher Steininger
  5. Love the Dango! by Amber D. Stone
  6. Sea Dogs of Mars by Christopher John Beck and Keri Woodward
  7. Legacy of the Wanderer by Mark Cecere and Randy Humphries
  8. Project: WarHawk by Dan Thompson
  9. Maladroits by Glen Walker and Devin Askounis
  10. The Devil's Cross by Antonio Vazquez Galvez and Ana Belen Nuñez Villalta

February 2009Edit

  1. The Hammer by Sam Little, Gabe Ostley, Rob Berry, and Steve Steiner
  2. Azz's Inferno by Thane Benson
  3. Ninjas from Ibiza: Clubbin' to Death by Francesco Biagini
  4. Splitting Atoms by Siddharth Kotian
  5. Part-Time Magic by Greg Kinman
  6. Doctor Immortalis by Jason Danzeisen and Michael Nelsen of 50 Foot Robot Studios[8]
  7. Indie by Jericho Vilar
  8. Fire and Water by Federica Manfredi
  9. Gravedust by Jeff Mason
  10. Operation: Nazi U by Kevin Dzuban

March 2009Edit

  1. Deadly by James Fosdike
  2. Children of Armageddon by Chris Meeks
  3. Maintaining Bohemia by Buster Moody (Patrick Morgan) and Harold Sipe
  4. Dracula vs. Santa by Melissa DeJesus and Ed Power
  5. The Rejects by Nate Frisoli and Walter Ostlie
  6. Doorman Bill by Diego Flavio Tripodi
  7. Kharon: Scourge of Atlantis by Jim Shelley and Pierre Villeneuve
  8. The Dirty Mile by James Smith III
  9. Lani, The Leopard Queen by Geof Isherwood
  10. Panda Force by Sean Causley

April 2009Edit

  1. Earthbuilders by Axel Medellin Machain, Abraham Martinez, Ricardo González Llarena, and Felipe Sobreiro
  2. The Kind You Don't Bring Home to Mother by Ryan Estrada
  3. Intergalactic Law: Grey Squad by Lisa Fary and John Dallaire
  4. Spy6teen by Timothy Simmons, DJ Keawekane, Lisa Moore, and Brant Fowler
  5. Myth by Michael Loniewski, Marco Magallanes, and Marco Della Verde
  6. Pirate Eye by Robert Gervais, Josiah Grahn, Carl Yonder, Michael Thomas, and Barbara Bartholomae
  7. Mecha-Simian by Rich Lovatt, Greg Woronchak, and Lisa Moore
  8. Cancer Troop 4 by Gabriel Bautista and Alberto Rios
  9. The Daemon Brethren: Advent of Chaos by Jeff Cerica
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Penguin by Harry Pujols

May 2009Edit

  1. Lily of the Valley by Adam Atherton and Luiza Dragonescu
  2. Sides by Alexander Diochon
  3. Amber Hale, Supermodel by Daren Strange, Lewis Walker, and Josh Howard
  4. Clandestino by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  5. OPSEC by James Alexander Bott and Dean Welsh
  6. Gone Zombie by Stephen Thor Scott Wegener, and Drew Moore
  7. Flowing Wells by Andrew Dimitt
  8. Beertown B'hoys by Steve Bialik
  9. Freak City by Mackenzie Michael Schubert
  10. Cubicles by Walter Christopher Ostlie

June 2009Edit

  1. Sidewise by Dwight L. MacPherson and Igor Noronha
  2. Quick by Thane Frederick Benson
  3. Kogoshii by Danny Donovan and Jessica Gigi Probst
  4. The Corpse Carries A Gun by Matthew Petz
  5. The Urban Adventures of Melvin Blank by Bill Williams and Thomas Zahler
  6. The Last Werewolf by Steven Gao of Sedna-Studio
  7. Sketch Me, Deadly by David Gerard Miley
  8. Fallen Hunter by Wai Kwong Chan
  9. Scarecrow Spookshow by Aidan Casserly
  10. Small Lives by Marco Palombelli

July 2009Edit

  1. RockStar by Aluísio Cervelle Santos
  2. Bloody Pulp by Jorge Vega and Jeff McComsey
  3. The Ares Imperative by Steve Ekstrom, Mikael Bergkvist, and Jesse Turnbull
  4. Interrogation Control Element by Tyler James, Damian Couceiro, Paul John Little, and Steven D Forbes
  5. 9th Year by Alberto Lanzillotti and Manuel Bracchi
  6. Children's Games by Erik Valdez y Alanis
  7. Vigilante Granny by Don Kunkel, Rian Miller, and Charles P Wilson III
  8. Assignment by Justin Jordan and Anthony Peruzzo
  9. The Adventures of Mr. Simian by John Bivens
  10. Metropolitan Siege by Eric Zawadzki and Chris Zawadzki

August 2009Edit

  1. Absolute Magnitude by Robert Burke Richardson, Martin Morazzo, and Kuen Tang
  2. Bow & Arrow Detective Agency by Antonis Vavagiannis and George Gousis
  3. Octane Jungle by Mike L. Kinshella and Morgan Luthi
  4. Rogue Royal by Chris Garret
  5. Physikon by Alexander Drummond Diochon
  6. Arctic by 00Ghost00.
  7. A Stinking Corpse by Nathan Furman
  8. If You See The Hills by Sal Field
  9. Antique Books by Scott Boyce
  10. Cards Kill by Jason Chiu and Leah Liu of Robekka Art Studio

September 2009Edit

  1. Goldilock[104] by Adam Lucas
  2. Revenge of the Homicidal Pumpkins[105] by Shannon Cronin, Iwan Nazif, and Lisa Moore
  3. My T-Shirt Fairy Tale[106][107] by Adrian Ramos
  4. The Symptoms[108] by William Sliney and Dave Hendrick
  5. Tessyleia 2.0[109] by Marc Borstel and Eric C Hayes
  6. Zamir[110] by Pablo Zych
  7. Marked[111] by Fernando Pinto
  8. WheelJack Union[112] by Mike Odum and Noah Hastings
  9. Incarna[113] by David Gunawan
  10. Mystery Jungle[114] by Diego Cordoba

October 2009Edit

  1. Pluck by Gabe White, John Amor and Matt White
  2. Where Evils Dare by Tony Lee and Stefano Martino
  3. Doc Monster by David Flora
  4. Evil Ain't Easy by Seth Wolfshorndl
  5. Impure Blood by Nathan Lueth and Nadja Baer
  6. ShockPopTerror! by Jean-Michel Ringuet
  7. A Polar Nightmare by Amancay Nicolas Nahuelpan Bustamante
  8. Old Cthulhu's On The Rise by Daniel Tollin
  9. Fly Me From The Moon by Gabriel Bautista
  10. Blitz by Ted Dawson

November 2009Edit

  1. In Maps & Legends by Niki Smith and Michael Jasper
  2. Children of the Sewer by Benito Gallego
  3. Peabody & D'Gorath by Mark D Penman
  4. Model Student by Joe Bowen
  5. Little Earth People by Christopher Lewis and Joe Pekar
  6. Brother of Bronze Hammer by Andrew Alexander
  7. Slam McCracken by Greg Woronchak
  8. Big Ups: A Space Adventure by Christina Boyce and Justin King
  9. Molly and the Amazing Door Tree by Mark Murphy
  10. Witch Phase by Bryan Golden

December 2009Edit

  1. One Hit Knock Out by Maximo V. Lorenzo
  2. Villain by Gregory Smallwood
  3. Unseen Tribe by Luciano Vecchio
  4. The House Always Wins by Josh Hechinger and John Bivens
  5. SubSuelo by Alfredo Rodríguez and Gabriel Rodríguez
  6. Ayanna by Wai Kwong Chan
  7. Mark Wolfchild by Li Shi Peng and David LeVack
  8. Daemon's Sphere by Andrew Hartmann and Gill Saxon
  9. Goop Jr. by Mike Robinson
  10. Jason and the Argonauts Redux by Barry Keegan

2010 CompetitionsEdit

January 2010Edit

  1. War Of The Woods by Matthew Petz
  2. NewBot by Chuck Harrison
  3. Phantom Sword by Nick Edwards
  4. War Of The Fallen by Quinton J. Bedwell
  5. Road Monster by Nicolás Raúl Sánchez Brondo and Diego Cortés
  6. Pavlov's Dream by Shari Chankhamma and Kelsie Yoshida
  7. Candy From Strangers by Jim Rodgers and Byron Jackson
  8. Iron Sam by David Dumeer
  9. Beyond The Borderlands by Brian McLachlan

February 2010Edit

  1. Monsterplex by Brock Heasley, David Schlotterback, and Michael DeVito
  2. Island, Alone by Rich Fuscia and Shawn Aldridge
  3. Sci-fi Drive-by by Ryan Estrada
  4. Aliens vs. Ninja vs. Samurai by Darrin Stephens and Jorge Vega
  5. Fulcrum by Alexander Diochon
  6. Gelgun by Lazarus Ray Berry, Michael J Patrick, and Forest Rhodes
  7. Techno Insecto by Samir Barrett
  8. Divided by Seven by Scott Boyce
  9. New Morning by Louie Chin
  10. Hawkrider by Marco Palombelli

March 2010Edit

  1. Night at the Western by Ray Nayler, Cesar Sebastian Diaz, and Steven Finch
  2. Aleksander Christov: Assassin by Janine Naimoli Frederick and Ken Frederick
  3. The Fall of Inkazimulo by Aaron Watts and Christopher Soprano
  4. Bernie's BOT by Michael Farah and Zane DeGaine
  5. Snipe Hunting by Ian Williams and Jean-Michel Ringuet
  6. Iron Bard Ballisto by Benjamin Phillip Hutchings
  7. Leon and the Savage Fountain by Wesley Bernick, William Allan Reyes, and Erik Korsgaard
  8. The Adventures of Doc & Shok by Dustin Evans
  9. Hourglass Falls by C Lee Horton
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Three Kingdoms by Joshua Tam

April 2010Edit

  1. ELDRITCH by Drew Rausch and Aaron Alexovitch
  2. Mr. Trildok Sings the Blues[115] by Brian Joines, Julia Bax, and Michael David Thomas
  3. Dan + Clue[116] by Sebastian Jaster
  4. Terminus[117] by Miljenko Horvatic, Mario Vrandecic, and Olivija Horvatic
  5. Junito[118] by Alberto Rios and Heather Breckel
  6. Queer Romance![119] by Adam C. Moore
  7. HydeBound[120] by C.E.L. Welsh and Thomas Leblanc
  8. Stereophonic Ninja Boy by Rashad Doucet and Chris Mullins
  9. The Zombie's Hand by 13th Street Studios and Kevin Boink!
  10. The Meadowlands by Tadd Galusha and Ian Ayala

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